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After more than 25 years in operating theatres, Intensive Care units and ERs as a anaesthetic doctor I felt it was time for a new and more creative chapter in my life. I always liked to draw, diligently studied the techniques of great masters in my youth and continued drawing until studies, career and family life took over and I forgot the joy of and satisfaction one gets when creating a picture using simple things like pencil and paper. I am completely self-taught, never having received a formal art education.

In October 2015, after many years of creative hibernation, I decided to work less and continue my life as an artist. Until now and for some further time, I will make drawings but my intention for the future is also paint using oil on canvas. Classical Fine Art printing methods are very time consuming giving me less chance to be productive so I have therefore decided to work with Digital Art prints. When making my artworks I have used coal; graphite, color, and pastel pencils, then digitised and printed them according to the "Giclée" standard.


May 22nd, 2019

Since 2015 I have been doing drawings, mostly portraits, with graphite, coal, Polychromos colour pencils and soft pastels. In February I decided the time was right for a new phase according to the plan I made three years ago. I have started to paint, something I never did before. For practical reasons I am using acrylics at this stage. Having no teacher or academy it has been a time of learning by trial and error. Progress has however been quicker than expected.

Presently I am doing landscapes on big (70-120 x 100) canvases from my part of the Stockholm archipelago. As I have always liked navigational marks and lighthouses, helpers making you reach the intended destination without unnecessary detours when at sea, they have their obvious place in all these pictures. So far I have completed three. They are the last three of the pictures above. I intend to do at least two more this summer.

Kväll på Kallskär.jpg

Kallskär, Stockholm archipelago


West cardinal mark at sunset

Söderarm mörk.jpg

Rain storm at Söderarm lighthouse


I started taking photographs at the age of 6 or 7 with my father's double-eyed Rolleiflex and later his Voigtländer Vito. When I lived and studied economics in Japan in my youth I was able to buy my first SLR, a Minolta with 3 lenses. I have mostly done nature and landscape photography and my cameras are always my companions on hikes, climbs or kayak trips. My wish for the futures is to use photography more to tell stories about people who cross my path besides capturing nice scenes in nature and near or far-away places. My years as an anaesthesiologist have given me a unique opportunity to photo-document work in the operating ward and theatres and I plan to have an exhibition in the future letting others share this environment.