Where will our eccentrics go?

The devastating fire at the Oakland “Ghost Ship” warehouse is a tragedy that highlights the plight of young artists everywhere. So far, the remains of 36 people have been recovered, with hope for any further survivors dwindling as the missing are confirmed dead and frantic loved ones or family members seek answers from the charred ruins of what had once been a thriving, eclectic artistic collaborative. An electronic dance party, apparently a regular event on the warehouse’s second floor, was being held on the night of December 2 when the fire erupted at around 11:30 p.m., trapping those upstairs at the party in a vast labyrinthine structure without working sprinklers, fire exits or indeed any viable exits, as it’s reported the lone available staircase to the second floor was made of wood pallets, as seen in photos of the space on the Ghostship site, with a second back staircase blocked off by a tangle of electrical cords.


Eric Jung